We are Aleppo soap manufacturers exclusively in Aleppo

We are pleased to introduce our Lyon-France-based company, specialized in import/export and international trading. Several years of experience in the field of consumer products such as cosmetics, Aleppo soap (solid and liquid), hygiene and beauty products characterize us. We also practice in many other areas.

High quality natural products at competitive prices are our specialty. We strive and are committed to continually developing everything to meet the needs of our customers.

Maison Du Laurier is a brand of Organic Bio Tech SAS, one of the leading suppliers based in France, manufacturing a wide range of authentic 100% natural soaps in Aleppo, for more than 20 years.

Since then, despite all the difficulties and challenges facing Syria, Organic Bio Tech has resisted and insisted that the journey of the ancestors of the Aleppo soap factory would continue in the country’s traditional values.

Our added value: Aleppo soaps made in Aleppo, Syria, in accordance with French and European quality standards, with the best choice of natural raw materials.

Exceptional quality is Maison Du Laurier’s top priority.

A well-organized company to meet current challenges, it is always looking for new opportunities and new encounters and new business relationships.

Our wish is to respond to the demands and opportunities we encounter.

Maison Du Laurier also aims to manufacture and sell a wider variety of natural cosmetic products such as skin and beauty products. Currently we are becoming a key player in the French and European markets. The exceptional quality and satisfaction of our customers are our wishes. Our products are chosen by our care and are divided into different divisions, itself led by trained and experienced directors.

Organic Bio Tech is a professional company, supported by its experienced administrative team.

Our products are 100% natural! Specially designed for our clients, usable by the whole family daily, for all-body hygiene care, hand, face and hair wash products. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Currently they are already sold in organic stores, pharmacies, parapharmacies, etc.

Proud of our success, we hope to continue our progress in order to offer our customers our best services and products.

Manufacturers of Aleppo soap