Sponge Loofah Double Face


100% natural and biodegradable loofah vegetable sponge, zero waste. You can use it as a body scrub or exfoliant.

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Made from 100% vegetable fibres, the loofah vegetable sponge is an ideal accessory to gently and effectively exfoliate the skin.  It removes dead cells from the skin.

The loofah plant gives a resistant fibre that swells and becomes supple when wet. Loofah is recognized as the best exfoliator in the world. Its hydrophilic fiber is soft enough to rub on different parts of the body. Soft enough not to irritate the skin and firm enough for a tonic and effective massage.

Regular use of the loofah vegetable sponge, in the bath or shower, cleanses the pores and allows a better absorption of moisturizing products.
The young, more radiant skin cells are thus better exposed and well oxygenated.

Regular massage firms the skin, promotes the elimination of toxins and acts against cellulite by micro-circulatory drainage.

For best results, you can use your sponge loofah with one of our Aleppo soaps.

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